Zentyal does not only allow to configure network services in an integrated manner, but it also offer a series of features that ease server administration and maintenance.

One of the most basic maintenance tools integrated in the Zentyal Server are the Logs. In case of errors or unexpected events, these provide you information of what happened and when, helping you to resolve the incidents. This module has already been described in detail in the Logs, in the Introduction to Zentyal-chapter .

This section will go into detail about the most important logs and commands for resolving incidents. Information about useful commands for the Zentyal Server administrator is also included, along with tips and good practices on how to carry out the upgrade from an earlier Zentyal version.

In addition to the maintenance tools integrated in the Zentyal Server, the Commercial Zentyal Editions offer a set of services that help automate the maintenance and management tasks of your server. These services are available through the graphical interface in the Commercial Zentyal Editions.