Zentyal Gateway

This chapter focuses on the functionality of Zentyal as a gateway. Offering more reliable and secure network, bandwidth management and clear definition of connection and content policies.

These services include: configurable network interfaces, advanced firewall and routing, traffic shaping and QoS, advanced HTTP proxy, captive portal and RADIUS.

The advanced firewall module allows you to define rules to manage the incoming and outgoing traffic of both the server and the internal network.

These modules assist with the management of network objects and services and simplify firewall configuration.

When you access Internet, you can balance the load between several connections and define different rules to use one or another connection depending on the traffic. In addition, you will see how to guarantee the quality of service, by giving higher priority to a specific type of traffic or by limiting the speed in some cases, as in the P2P example.

RADIUS module allows authentication of the network users and, you will also find an introduction to the HTTP proxy service. Among other options this service allows faster proxy Internet access by storing the cache and establishing different content filtering policies.

Captive portal along with bandwidth monitoring will allow you to give Internet access only to the designated host machines, redirecting the traffic to your login page, with live reports of the connected users and network consumption.

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